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Direct mail is not dead: Why traditional promotions still work


Fallen in love with digital marketing? Join the club. After all, what’s not to like? Digital marketing has a lot of pluses: it’s instant, easy to measure and – many people would argue – more environmentally friendly than its physical counterparts.

Before jumping on the digital bandwagon completely, however, it’s worth considering some of the advantages of one of the stalwarts of the traditional marketing toolset – direct mail.  There are a few good reasons for its enduring popularity…

Offline opportunities

It’s easy to forget that we’re not all permanently plugged in. Marketers, however, do so at their peril.  Never forget your audience – who are they and how do they access information to help them make buying decisions? Don’t succumb to the temptation to only target the older generation with information in printed form. A study from Royal Mail’s Market Reach demonstrated that brands have a genuine opportunity to use direct mail creatively to engage with young adults living at home with their parents.

Better together

Astute marketing professionals use a combination of direct mail and digital to create synergy in their communication efforts.  Marketing Week recently reported that a quarter of younger parents (mostly aged 25-44) agreed that direct mail helped alert them to new products and services. Interestingly, of the 45 per cent of families with younger children who claimed they could not live without the internet on their phone, 15 per cent said they had responded to direct mail online using their mobile or tablet.  Direct mail, therefore, can act as an important signpost to an organisation’s new app or online promotion. 

Feel-good factor

For most of us, buying is an emotional – as well as a practical – process. The swoosh of the arrival of a new email doesn’t compete with the exciting thud on the doormat as your favourite magazine is delivered. Someone, somewhere is undoubtedly working on an app that appeals to multiple senses. Until then, however, the tactile qualities of print have the winning touch.


‘Tis the season to get printing


All of sudden December is upon us. It’s a unique time of year, both frantic and fun. It’s not just busy on the domestic front either; in business life there are usually social arrangements to be made, along with tokens of thanks to give to colleagues and clients.

If you think you’ve left it too late, fear not. Digital printing technology means that there’s still time to impress with some great giveaways that will give a good impression this Christmas – and throughout the following year.


One of the most popular seasonal giveaways, the calendar comes in many shapes and forms from small desktop versions to full-blown wall planners for all the team to consult. Consider a five-year version for the planners and project managers in your work circles.


No matter how many laptops, tablets or smartphones we have, we still feel the need to write things down. That’s where the trusty notepad comes in. Branded notepads make a practical and cost-effective gift – and they ensure that your company name stays on desks all the way into 2017.


How could we forget these? Digital print technology means that incorporating a personal greeting or company logo in your Christmas card is no longer confined to those with big budgets. If you prefer physical cards to their electronic counterparts, AberdeenPrinting can help. Only need a short print run? No problem.


Want to distinguish your correspondence from all the boring brown envelopes in your clients’ in-trays? Behold the printed envelope. It’s a popular way of reinforcing brand identities all year round. At this time of year, printed envelopes are particularly useful for including a seasonal message in your pre-Christmas business correspondence.


Stuck for seasonal stationery ideas? offers a whole host of options for corporate Christmas giveaways. Check out the full product range here.


Planning your print project: Achieving successful, stress-free results


The decision’s made: You need some fresh marketing materials. No matter what form these take – brochures, reports, newsletters or exhibition banners – you need to follow a certain process before you take delivery of the finished product. Planning the process properly lets your printer achieve the best results for you – and makes for a more enjoyable experience all round.

Start at the end

Sounds silly? Let us explain. The first thing we, as your printer, need to know is when you want to take delivery of your shiny new marketing materials. Sometimes there’s no set date but more often than not, items are required for a specific event, client visit or product launch.  Once we have this key date, we can work back from it. This is really important if you need us to help out with design, layouts and text – of which more below…

Gather your thoughts

Although we can start from scratch, we generally require some form of brief from you.  Hate writing things down? A chat on the ‘phone is fine.  Sometimes you’ll have very clear ideas on what you want to include. That’s great too. Send us your text and any accompanying images and we’ll get to work.  Perhaps your artwork is approved and ready to go – in which case we’re ready too!

The proof of the project…

…should be built into the planning schedule! We love to get things right first time but sometimes – once you see everything laid out – you might want to make a tweak or two. That’s natural – and we want you to be 100 per cent happy with the end result. Recommendation: Play safe with your schedule and allow for a few extra days in case proofs need to go back and forward.  We’ll keep things moving as fast as possible by emailing your proofs as a PDF for ease of access. 

Expect the unexpected

At the start of this blog post, we advised you to work back from your desired delivery date – particularly if your materials are tied to an important event or business milestone. However well organised you are, sometimes things catch you by surprise (the person who needs to approve the proofs is absent, the client is coming in a day early or the early train to the conference has been cancelled). We have a great local delivery service, plus excellent courier relationships, so we’ll always try to help in an emergency. It’s even better, though, to assume from the outset that there may be some glitches and factor in some extra time accordingly.

Here’s to stress-free print project planning!


Exhibition essentials: Print preparation for your next event

You’ve taken the sales calls, reviewed the website and signed on the dotted line. Your organisation is committed to its next business exhibition or trade show – yippee!  The buck doesn’t stop there however. You’ve made a cost and time investment to attend: now you need to make the most of it.  That’s where print preparation comes in.

Go big on banners

Want to get the big stuff out of the way first? Fair enough.  Assembling display stands on location used to be akin to a Krypton Factor test; thankfully those days are gone. Today’s banner stands are lightweight, portable and flexible yet professional, robust and durable.  Exhibiting further afield? Our range of roller banners can be carried over your shoulder in a small case and are problem-free on flights. Once you reach the exhibition hall, simply pop them together in three simple steps.  Bonus hint: Their user-friendly nature means that banner stands needn’t gather dust in the company cupboard between shows. Instead, they can be used to reinforce your branding at reception or displayed in the board room during important presentations.

Read all about it

Visitors to your exhibition stand may have spoken with lots of other organisations by the time they reach you. Overcome the problem of blending into the crowd by ensuring you have adequate quantities of quality print literature describing your organisation’s activities, products or services. These important takeaway items allow your potential customers to read all about you on the journey home. Consider bringing along stocks of brochures, leaflets, datasheets and your latest company newsletter.

Bonus hint: Why not produce a special themed edition of your regular newsletter aimed at visitors to the show?

Calling cards

The most obvious requirement is also the most overlooked. Running short on business cards during a major event is an absolute no-no. Despite the growth of electronic communication – and the use of websites such as LinkedIn – the exchange of business cards is still a common business ritual.  Forget them at your peril.

Pre-event panic

Reading this article the day before your depart? Relax. Thanks to advanced print technology, you’d be amazed at what can be turned around in a matter of hours.  Our speed demon service is designed exactly for such occasions.

Lift the phone and give us a call on 01224 898966. Then exhale.