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GSM is short for ‘grams per square meter’ and refers to the weight of the paper.

For more information check out our blog piece on which papers are right for my print project.

Which paper’s right for my print project?





The safe area is the area close to the trim marks. There is always a small amount of movement during digital printing and finishing, so we ask that all text and important information is kept 3mm away from the trim marks. This ensures that nothing is accidentally trimmed off.

Still have questions? Ask a member of our team.

Our digital presses print using CMYK toners, so it is recommended that you supply your artwork in the same colours. Any artwork supplied in a different colour format, such as RGB or Pantone, will be converted to CMYK for printing.

RGB is the colour gamut used to display digital images on a computer screen; the letters RGB stand for Red, Green and Blue. CMYK is the colour gamut used for conventional printing and is an abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
You can ensure your product colours are consistent by changing them to CMYK before your file goes to print. Still have questions? Ask a member of our team.

The most common formats are PDF, EPS and jpeg. Don’t panic if you can’t convert your files; just send us what you have in Word, Publisher, Illustrator etc. and we’ll convert it to PDF. If you send us a PDF, we’ll check the file to make sure it’ll print well, then send it straight off to print.

Please Note: File conversion is a chargeable service. 

Not a bit. We use both and can work with whichever operating system you use.